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About Amanda

Leads ignoring your offers?

Prospects not understanding your technology?

I'm here to help.

Hi, I’m Amanda Luketa. I turn complicated technical jargon into compelling content that connects with your target audience.

I clearly show why you offer the best solution to meet your customers' needs - leading to more growth, engagement, and authority for your business and brand. 

When I'm not writing for businesses or blogging, you'll probably find me at a nearby crag or the local rock climbing gym (if it's fun, does it still count as exercise?).

I used to work as a mechanical engineer in the renewable energy and HVAC industries. But after nearly five years, it became clear to me that I was living for the weekend and had been for a while. 

I decided it was time for a change. 

Now, I help businesses communicate the value of their product or service and authentically connect with their prospects and customers. I look forward to each new project, knowing that I'll be able to use both my creative and technical mind to provide impactful solutions that benefit others. 

Each audience has different needs

Technical writing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

How to effectively present and communicate concepts to your sales team will be different than explaining the same concepts to executives or investors, or directly to your customers.


And what constitutes compelling content will change based upon your target audience. Your target audience could be: 

  • engineers making purchasing decisions

  • a team of scientists looking for innovative products to further their research

  • that IT guy in search of the best new software or cloud service

  • the individual consumer deciding between your product and that of the competition

  • a group of investors considering funding your company

Each will have different expectations, needs, and pain points that must be addressed. 

I take all of these factors into account for each project, making sure the level of technical complexity and tone are just right to make the perfect connection with your target audience and get you results. 

Interested in seeing what I can do for your business? 

My specialties are blog posts, white papers, and case studies that convert. 

Your goals are my top priority. I always keep in mind the end results you want to achieve, and how to best cultivate these when creating effective content.  

Drop me a line at Or, use the contact form and your message will go to the same place. I usually respond within 24 hours or less.