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Specialized Digital Content, Crafted Just for You

Blog Posts

Starting at $300

See a sample blog post:

Blog posts are incredibly useful at demonstrating authority and building trust with customers, and consequently driving leads. Blog posts focus on offering advice or expertise to help an individual solve a problem and can be used at any stage of the sales funnel. While important to update as necessary, blog posts do not inherently have an expiration date. 

My rate is $0.75/word for blog posts, and $0.65/word for long-form posts (e.g. "Ultimate Guide to ..." or similar posts, of at least 2,000 words)


 - precision-edited post in both Word and HTML formats

 - if applicable, custom charts, tables, or figures based on your data

 - inclusion of keywords and search terms for SEO

White Papers

$3500 - $5000

See a sample white paper:

White papers are longer, in-depth documents that help solve a problem, showcase features of a product or service, or provide clarity on a technical issue. An effective and compelling white paper will generate lots of high-quality leads that convert to sales for your business, paying for itself many times over. White papers should be updated every year or two. 

Price depends on topic complexity, amount of research required, and extent of data analysis (if applicable). Price will be firmly quoted in project proposal.


1. The Roadmap

 - your specific business goals and how these will be met

 - your target audience and how they will benefit 

 - white paper topic and structure

 - clear call to action

 - search terms and keywords for SEO

2. The First Draft

 - 6-10 pages of written content based on deep research, with footnotes

 - supporting graphics - includes analyzing your raw data to create figures

 - separate list of all sources for ease of spot-checking

 - executive summary for the higher-ups

3. The Money

 - polished-to-perfection final draft in Word or InDesign 

 - separate track-changed document showing incorporation of all comments

 - professional design as a PDF document

 - custom promotion plan to spread the word about your new white paper!

Case Studies


$1750 with client interview

Case studies create awareness of a problem relevant to your audience and showcase how your product or service provides solutions for real customers. Case studies feature extended testimonials and are targeted towards individuals at the top or middle of the sales funnel. Case studies have a lifespan of 2-3 years. 

Price depends on whether I handle the client interview and approval process - introduce me to your client via email and I'll take it from there! 


1. The Interview (if applicable)

 - your client's business overview

 - their primary challenges and goals 

 - how they came to the decision to work with you, a.k.a. your unique offering

 - the solution your product or service provided

 - their stellar results, or how you enhanced their business

2. Professional Design

 - 2-3 pages of business-quality text and graphics, in PDF format, including:

 - design for ease of scan-ability and comprehension

 - a compelling call to action

 - clear and concise content that will win you more customers

 - an engaging title, bulleted lists, and stand-out quotes and statistics

 - inclusion of all original Illustrator and/or InDesign files

3. Custom Promotion Plan

 - handy checklist for your client to share your case study (it's a win-win!) 

 - how to effectively use your case study within your sales team

 - strategies for spreading the news via email and social media

 - ideas for repurposing components of the study in other marketing materials